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The Primary Distinctions Between the Different Types of Websites

The first step in creating a website is understanding the various types of websites. The following step is to select a specific web design that can represent the character of your business.

Although the layout of most websites may be identical to consumers, developers typically choose and create extremely distinct kinds of websites. Every aspect, from resources to navigational methods, has been carefully considered to represent your niche.

So here we are again with a comprehensive guide to assist our fellow business owners and entrepreneurs in making knowledgeable web design and development selections.

This thorough manual is a one-stop reference with all the details, materials, and explanations you require about the many kinds of websites, along with examples. If you’ve found your way here, you’ll soon find your ideal website.

Let’s begin, then!

10 Various Website Structure Types for Every Niche

Your niche is the lone factor that should determine the style of website you choose. In today’s cutthroat industry, a single website is insufficient to draw in new clients and satisfy their constantly shifting needs. To make the most of their domain’s potential, many firms combine a variety of various sorts of websites.

Keeping up with the most recent trends and sorts of websites popular for your business category can help you remain ahead of the competition and make better judgments at the right moment, whether you keep with a single website or expand your website game in other areas.

Choosing the best website for your business is crucial given that there are already more than 1.9 billion websites online. While making a statement is even more important.

Therefore, let’s begin with 10 various website types and examples from each business sector.


An e-commerce website is the online version of a store, a website where customers can browse and buy things. Technology has made it much simpler to create e-commerce websites, which is another reason why there are so many different types of e-stores available online.

E-commerce systems like Shopify, Squarespace, and Woocommerce have simplified payment integration processes and encouraged creative web design for online companies. The Mulberry is one of the e-commerce websites.

Product lists, sidebar navigation, shopping carts, and a sizable framework devoted to various product pages are some crucial components of an e-commerce website.


The original purpose of blogs was to share and frequently update material, photographs, and videos on a more personal level. However, blogs have grown to play a big role in how well-known brands and companies share information and use it for content marketing.

We can categorically state that blogs are the most prevalent forms of websites, second only to business and enterprise websites, now that they have established themselves as distinct website types. They are utilized by individuals, news organizations, and practically every other specialty to provide their audience with insightful content.

The Chic Bebe blog is a compelling illustration of an informative and inventive blog. The site has a fantastic look with eye-catching graphics, solid articles on the home page, and an excellent navigation bar .


While we’re at it, the most popular category of websites is business, corporate, and enterprise websites. Well, not because they’re superior to other kinds, but rather because every business in this day and age needs them.

Today, every company needs a website to establish its online presence. The creation of a good website should always be left to an experienced web development company, despite the fact that there are numerous platforms for creating websites like WordPress. This is so that a distinct identity can only be created through websites that are specifically designed.

Our preferred website Inoxstudio is a niche-specific and unusual example. This is the pinnacle of making a firm stand out with a simple yet visually arresting design. Web design professionals at VASCO were responsible for its distinctive look.


Websites of this type are most frequently used by organizations that want to teach and provide study tools to a global audience. One can be identified by its design, which includes illustrative films and topical issues. Online course providers like Coursera frequently employ this structure.

There are many instances of instructional websites available nowadays, and some of them resemble blogs quite a bit. But the transactional goal of this kind of website is what distinguishes it. Since educational websites frequently provide both free and paid information, they frequently require a payment method integration akin to that of an e-store.

To attract students outside of a four-wall classroom, anyone creating their next major online educational website should take a cue from the well-known and all-time favorite TedEd website.


This group includes a lot of websites. Particularly periodicals, digests, news stories, and blogs dedicated to creative writing and web novels. Websites offering visual pleasure, like Netflix, Hulu, and others, can also be added. These websites employ a complicated website structure and combine several media types in one location.

Websites for entertainment can handle a variety of issues at once, such as subscriptions and on-page adverts for promotions. Many historical newspaper and magazine organizations have given up on the idea of press and printing and now publish their material online using website structures that are comparable to these.

A wonderful example of how to design your entertainment website to convey a distinctive brand voice and employ the layout that works for your organization is a magazine website like Elle.

Social Media 

The Metaverse is now widely known. Websites for social media are a major tool for connecting people and offering channels for international communication. Although major brands like Facebook can appear to rule this market, there are many different types of social networking platforms.

Don’t be afraid to implement your ideas because you might have the next big thing for a social media platform that ends up being well-liked. Because individuals utilize social media to hunt for news, online shops, and professional services, social media is the foundation of all other types of websites.

Tumblr could be a wonderful source of inspiration for you. Although it started out late in the social media game, it now has millions of users who search and upload content daily. Almost anything can now be found on Tumblr.


Your online resume presented as a website. We may argue that it’s one of the most beneficial website types for regular people and independent contractors. Additionally, you can tailor your portfolio so that it shows up first in searches for services you offer.

Most people utilize portfolios to build their brands and present their services to a variety of audiences. Even huge companies occasionally build their own portfolio websites to provide an extra layer of professionalism and use visual design to make a good first impression.

Yuko Takahashi has one of the nicest portfolio websites we’ve ever seen. a designer, photographer, and artist. His portfolio is meant to be his selling point, but he was able to make his entire website into one.

Landing pages 

In spite of its name, a landing page is more than just a page. Any digital marketing campaign needs landing pages, a particular kind of website, to be successful. Using CTAs, these websites hope to guide their audience toward a service or product and encourage them to take action.

Because it primarily concentrates on highlighting a service or product and enticing customers to buy it, the content used here is typically straightforward and condensed. You could say that the entire website structure is devoted to sales copy.

sleek, precise, and minimal. Apple’s landing page for the Apple Pencil might serve as a pertinent and upscale illustration of this. You can make notes here for the design of your subsequent landing page.


A business directory or contact listing website adopts the most pragmatic strategy out of all website structure types. It works best in specialized fields like real estate, automobiles, or other business industries where you serve as a middleman to connect clients with the appropriate services.

This could be a business listing to match customers with service providers, a restaurant listing to introduce a broker between customers and nearby restaurants, or a real estate listing to introduce customers to nearby properties.

Based on this style of website design, a well-known real estate company named Wideestate does a good job at what it does. Their website uses filters, search bots, and a lot of data to retrieve the appropriate results based on keywords. This website was made by our team at Vasco.


Over the past ten years, the use of public forums has grown exponentially in popularity. From teenagers to adults, we all use forums to interact with people from all over the world by joining our favorite groups based on shared interests.

Users can discuss their opinions and share them with everyone in real-time on forums, which can be used as a standalone website type or as an addition to a business, blog, or e-commerce website. It’s also a great way to get more people to use your website by converting it into a communication tool.

In this instance, Reddit is both the most popular online forum platform and the home page of the internet. The fact that you can probably find the silliest groups and threads, like flat-earthers and dark cults, is probably why it has such a large following. You can literally dive into anything on Reddit, as the company’s slogan puts it.

Key Learnings

We hope that after reading about the various website structures and designs, you have a clearer idea of how you want your website to appear. In addition, we have a professional recommendation for you. Everyone is aware of how crucial a website is in building your online identity and how necessary it is to make a superb website only once.

You should enlist the aid of an experienced web development company to get the most out of this one-time investment. We assure you that it not only saves you time and money, but over time also generates a sizable return on investment (ROI).